Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hoops and Yoyo…American Icons

I need to find out who came up with Hoops and Yoyo and thank them for their inspiration and humor. If you’re not familiar with these 2, they are greeting card characters and downright hilarious. I picked up a card today for my husband and nearly peed my pants in the card aisle. No kidding, just thinking about that card makes me grin and giggle. They are inspirational and prolific…well maybe that’s stretching it a bit but they delightfully entertaining. I could hang out for an hour in the card aisle with Hoops and Yoyo and consider it time well spent.

If you've gotten a Hoops and Yoyo card from me, you know you’re special. I wouldn’t have bestowed one upon you if you weren’t. If you haven’t received one yet, you should probably try a little harder.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Hhmmm. Interesting movie to say the least. I really enjoy movies that make me think after I’ve left the theater. The movie concept was certainly brilliant and the effects were exceptional. I think DiCaprio did a good job (and I’m not a big fan), but I was really unimpressed with the girl. She wasn’t believable and I found her uninspiring.

I thought one of the most poignant parts (although brief) was the room where the men came to dream everyday because the drug-induced sleep was the only place they could dream anymore. I found that fascinating! Did using the inception make so that a person could not dream on his/her own, or were natural dreams unfulfilling in comparison to the inception experience?

What brought those people to that room and that state of dependence? Perhaps it was the ability to create their own reality that drew them there. Maybe they became addicted to a world of their own creation that “reality” paled in comparison too. Perhaps they were so dissatisfied with “reality” that they craved their dream world and could not enter that world any other way. Or maybe they become dissatisfied with reality as a result of the inception experience.

The inception can provide you with something that you cannot get any other way…once experienced it draws you back…it can trap you and keep you captive…is it a blessing or a curse…?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

LA Love Story

Lauri & Stephen are a work place romance success story. They became great friends and before long realized there was more to their relationship than mere friendship. From their first date at a coffee shop where Steven took Lauri's hand, they felt a deep connection that they could not deny. It is easy to see why they hit it off so well because they are truly compatible an it is plain to see how happy they make each other.

James & I had dinner the night before the shoot with Lauri so that I could meet her and we could plan the shooting schedule for the following day. We had the MOST amazing Thai food I have ever tasted. I wish I could have brought home a week worth of left-overs.

Since Stephen could not come to dinner, I asked Lauri to describe him. She described him as an easy-going, fun-loving individual. The most likable person she has ever known. I could tell by the softness in her eyes just how much he meant to her. 

We went to their favorite places: a lighthouse, a park overlooking the ocean, the beach at sunset, and their favorite coffe shop. What a marvelous time we all had...I even got to meet a very special coconut! It was a joy to be with them and enjoy their humor, their fun-loving relationship, and deep love they have for each other. 

This is a couple that was truly meant to be together. Their journey to be together has not been an easy one, but I am so glad they found each other. I have no doubt that their story will be a "happily ever after" one. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pure Joy & Pink Skies

I took my 4 kids to get what they needed for the upcoming ski season. My 4-yr-old daughter needed skies. I started holding up various pairs to her to see if they were the correct height. She apparently wasn’t very impressed with my choices because she looked at me and said, “No…I want cute ones!” Naturally, what 4-yr-old girl doesn’t, right?

I, of course, was more concerned about price and less concerned about the cuteness factor. We continued looking and my 10-yr-old son walks up carrying an adorable pair of pink skies that were undoubtedly the right size. My daughter couldn’t have cared less whether they were the right size or not…THEY WERE PINK!!!

She carried those skies around with her for nearly 2 hours as we looked around and selected the items we needed and she did not complain a single time. She was so delighted with her skies that nothing else seemed to matter. She probably would have wanted to sleep with them if she had thought to ask.

That event taught me something. Life often doesn’t always work out the way we plan on, and we’re often disappointed. But I think those difficulties and disappointments help us to really appreciate and enjoy those glorious moments when something works out just they way we hoped. Those moments are infrequent, but that helps us savor them even more.

Joy…sometimes it just takes a pair of pink skies!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cowboy Wedding

What a great day for a wedding. The rain that threatened knew better than to stick around and the weather could not have been better.

Brett & Amanda opted for a "first look" which I loved. Family stayed to the side in order to give them some private moments to drink in each other and to consider what the day had in store for them.

Amanda was an absolutely stunning bride and it was so sweet to watch the look on her face as she approached Brett from behind. His face absolutely lit up as he beheld his bride.

They enjoyed a few private minutes and them they were ready to capture some memories. We shot some great pictures of them  and their joy and excitement radiated from the pair.

Amanda could not have had more grace and poise in front of the camera. You would have though she in front of one all of the time. She absolutely ROCKED the pictures. How many other brides do you know that will climb up on the horse pulling her carriage in her wedding dress? She made it look like an easy feat and it composed a stunning pictures.

The carriage was gorgeous and the red velvet that lined the white carriage was positively decadent. The horse too was a magnificent creature and perfectly paired with the carriage. What a privilege to be able to have such an ideal situation for pictures.

The ceremony was beautiful. It was even more special because the groom's father officiated the marriage (my brother). He did a fantastic job and looked terribly handsome! I loved how they had their brand on the arbor and that they hung their individual horse shoes on it to signify their unity. What a unique and wonderful touch!

The guests had a great time with dinner and dancing and the bride and groom had smiles the entire night. I think it was a booming success!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Age...It's a Funny Thing!

When you're a kid and someone thinks you look older than you are, you stand a little taller and feel a bit a pride. It's flattering to be mistaken for older than your age. When I was 11, I was commonly mistaken for 16 and I thought that was AWESOME!

Now, I don't think I'd be feeling a whole lot of pride if someone came up to me and told me I looked 40! Nope, not so much. However, when the waitress at Texas Roadhouse was FLOORED that I was old enough to have 4 kids I was delighted (yes, she was genuinely surprised, not just looking for a good tip).

Somewhere between 25 and 35, we hope for a worm hole to open up and suck some years off of us. Time is passing, much too quickly it seems...we just don't want to look like we're carrying it around with us.'s a funny thing!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How to Feel Like a Rock Star!

It's pretty simple really. All you have to do is go on a 1st grade field trip. At that age, the parents are on par with rock stars! The kids ars SO excited you're there, they actually WANT to hold your hand and sit by you on the bus! Speaking of the bus...the noise level on the bus was very similar to that of a rock concert!

We went up the canyon with 60 first graders and about a dozen adults. Can you imagine being a 6-yr-old and being surrounded by dirt, rocks, and bugs? Talk about paradise!! We were able to keep the rock throwing to a minimum, didn't lose any of the kids (at least none that we noticed), and didn't locate any poison ivy. It was all in all a success adventure. I know if one mom that won't be too thrilled that her daughter wore white pants yesterday and came home with mottled brown ones. Bummer.

I definitely had other things I could have done yesterday, but I will always be glad that I took the time to go on an adventure with my kiddo. It was SO worth my time and made for great memories!