Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hoops and Yoyo…American Icons

I need to find out who came up with Hoops and Yoyo and thank them for their inspiration and humor. If you’re not familiar with these 2, they are greeting card characters and downright hilarious. I picked up a card today for my husband and nearly peed my pants in the card aisle. No kidding, just thinking about that card makes me grin and giggle. They are inspirational and prolific…well maybe that’s stretching it a bit but they delightfully entertaining. I could hang out for an hour in the card aisle with Hoops and Yoyo and consider it time well spent.

If you've gotten a Hoops and Yoyo card from me, you know you’re special. I wouldn’t have bestowed one upon you if you weren’t. If you haven’t received one yet, you should probably try a little harder.

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